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"Copernicus" is an iconic model, its design goes beyond the bounds of a of classical watch design and aspires into space. The first model of "Copernicus" was released in the early 80's, at that times the artists were inspired by the cosmic themes.
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The celebrity couple was engaged into creation of a new design of watches. To develop a new unique design for the model “Raketa-Premier” will be the main goal of Artem, whilst Anna will be responsible for updating the design of “Ballerina” watch.
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Emir Kusturica is worldwide famous Serbian film maker. He has competed at the Cannes Film Festival on five occasions and won the Palme d’Or twice. Emir Kusturica is also famous for his musical career as a part of the music band called «The No Smoking Orchestra». Emir Kusturica teamed up with creative studio Raketa to create a new Raketa watches in honor of 100th anniversary of Russian Avant-garde.